For thickness 16-18-20-23-25-28-30
BLU is the revolutionary concealed connecting system.
BLU is practical, effective and robust.
BLU makes it possible to assemble furniture easily and quickly.
Where before multiple elements were needed to connect furniture parts,
with BLU, only one element, it is Pick & Fix.

Holes with diameter 8 or 12 mm are used to join the main part of the body (C) to panel 1, always following the direction of the locking screw that points towards the 6 mm diameter hole (F). A milled section/guide (S) is needed to ensure BLU is correctly inserted.

The part of the body called “expansion base” (E), exiting from the edge of panel 1, is inserted into the hole (P) already present in panel 2. The connection is extremely easy to make.

The tip of a Phillips or Allen screwdriver is inserted into the 6 mm diameter hole (F) and turned clockwise until a “click” is heard. Both body (A) and expansion base (E) side wings open simultaneously. The two panels are joined together perfectly, PULLED towards one another (U).