With the Horseshoe nail was the beginning of the tale!

In 1952, Julius Blum through a small workshop in Vollerberg,Austria, manufactured the first nail used to install the horseshoes. here was born the idea of metal manufacturing products. In 1958, the first hinge doors "ANUBA" were manufactured, and soon afterwards, they entered the world of kitchen accessories.
1964 saw the first industry of kitchen hinges, and in 1965 the first hinges were exported to the European market outside the Austrian market, which opened the door for the development of an unusual speed. In 1966, the first drawers were produced, and in 4 years the development and training center was established.
The world's best known standards are the European standards and the American standards, which differ according to market requirements. After the additions made by Blum, through research and amendments to European standards, it was necessary to enter the US market. This was in 1984. The first factory in America was established in Louis Valley In order to follow the US standards, and with these experiences gained through many research and experiments, the first clip systems were launched in the world in 1985 to be the first company in this field.
In 1993, the first production of TANDEM BOX was introduced, which will change the way we manufacture kitchens and cabinets to this day.
2003 was the year of change and no less important than 1993. This year, the first AVENTOS lifting system was launched to add a lot to the cabins of the options.
Today, with a journey of more than 60 years, and with an army of engineers and developers and sales of more than 1788 million euros all contributed to be the first Bloom in the world in terms of production, development and patents
With dozens of options that Bloom has added to this sector, it has contributed significantly to the quality and shape of the kitchen and cabinet. These options have opened the door to designers to create the most beautiful designs and are sure they can help make these designs a reality.