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13/01/2006 is the date that gave birth idea of establishing a commercial company to promote the market to high quality products and specifications has been proposed to be able to promote all the products in the kitchen, cupboards and furnishings field. The European market was defined as a strategic objective. On 15/06/2006, the start of the High End Technology Trading Establishment was launched, the first company that are considered the world's first in the field of kitchen and cupboards accessories, it's BLUM Austria. In less than a year, and based on the market's thirst and strong desire for sophisticated and sophisticated accessories, we have contracted with many of the leading companies in this sector, such as VIBO, Italy, which specializes in Baskets, Interior Accessories for Safes and OPES SAVE.
In 2010, it was agreed to enter the wood sector through the boards of the chippord, because it is characterized by the manufacture of recycled materials and durability and resistance to moisture, and with the help of God was contracted with the company GRUPPO MAURO SAVIOLA Italian known for its high quality products and surfaces of natural shapes, The natural Spanish company GRUPPO ALVIC for glossy panels and colors is mildly unique and wonderful.
Since the beginning we have faced many obstacles and to ensure the use and installation of our products in the right form has been established a technical support team specialized in training the employment of factories to our customers and training many vendors of kitchen fairs to guide the end user to the best options, Today we are in 2018 with a team of marketing and procurement of the highest level of efficiency are periodic visits to all international and international exhibitions to see the latest developments in the market to remain the pioneers in this field and to provide our Kingdom of the best products that ensure comfort and quality for all of the producers and designers and most importantly the end user For those products.

Company Values


We build our relationships with our customers only with transparency and honesty in dealing.


Our products have features you won't find any similar on market, discover more about them by visiting our products page


We have a highly skilled research and development team, to follow up what is new on the market and to insure the satisfaction to our clients.


One of our most important values that we committed to always insure, by dealing with the most qualified suppliers from the European union.


Office no.4,  Al Sulimaneya , Pr. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St. , Riyadh.

Tel: +966 11 4600 180



Office 801, Al-Andalus Crown building, Al-madina Road, Jeddah

Tel: +966 12 6900 002



Office no.2, 1st floor, Riviera Avenue 1 building, Al Ashreah St, Dammam city

T. +966 13 802 3088


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