Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into an experience that significantly increases the comfort of motion in all areas of the house, but especially the kitchen. Over 4500 employees are working worldwide realising our goal to create perfect motion for Blum fittings systems. Within this process, we always focus on the needs of the kitchen and furniture user.

Our fittings systems shout "high quality" with their well-thought-out function, recognised design and high durability. They are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks.

We support our partners with a comprehensive range of products and services. In order to stay on track to achieve our goals, we keep a constant dialogue open with kitchen manufacturers, joiners, distributors and kitchen users all over the world.

BLUM: الشركة الرائدة والأولى عالميا في مجال إكسسوارات المطابخ والمكاتب ذات التقنية الحديثة والجودة العالية, ومن أهم ميزات شركة BLUM أنها في تجدد دائم وتطوير مستمر سواء على صعيد المنتجات أو على الصعيد الابتكار لإيجاد أفضل الحلول التي تجعل من استخدام المطبخ متعة, وتوفير الراحة في استخدام أدراج المكاتب.


Vibo Logo
Vibo spa was founded in 1980 in Northeast Italy, a region with a strong entrepreneurial spirit where the ability to risk and innovate is a factor that distinguishes the way of doing business in these lands and has always been a synonym of excellence in the history of Italian industrial development. And Vibo is a prime example of this.


Camar Logo

Camar is an Italian company founded in 1980, in Figino Serenza, norhtern Italy. It produces levelers, suspension mechanisms, table legs and more. Product quality is assured by automated processes and constant control of raw materials and finished products.
When thinking about modern tables and new office looks notice that Camar is a Company which is a pioneer in the industry and offices legs of tables and forms a very elegance precision and beauty. Camar also have wall hang and concealed one and legs cabins with full accessories.

ما أن تذكر الطاولات والمكاتب الحديثة إلا وتذكر Camar معها , فهي الشركة السباقة في صناعة أرجل المكاتب والطاولات بأشكال غاية في الأناقة والدقة والجمال .
كما تتميز كامار بحاملات الكبائن الظاهرة والمخفية وأرجل الكبائن مع كامل اكسسواراتها .



Armstrong (Taiwan): Is Featured Company manufactures small locks in all variety of colours, a lot of models and appropriate forms for each product separately, whether glass or wood or iron, meanwhile there are rail drawers (Ball Bearing) in different sizes and able to hold up to 50 Kg

ارمسترونغ ( تايوان ) : الشركة المتميزة بتصنيع الأقفال الصغيرة بجميع ألوانها والكثير الكثير من الموديلات والأشكال الملائمة لكل منتج على حدا سواء أكان زجاج أو من الخشب أو حديد , إضافة إلى سكك الأدراج (رمان بلي) بأطوال مختلفة وحمولات تصل إلى 50 كغم .

Alvic Group

Alvic Logo Since its founding, in 1965, ALVIC has undergone a significant industrial, technological and commercial development. Three industrial plants located in Alcaudete, Carolina (Jaén) and Vic (Barcelona), in Spain, make up a modern industrial complex of over 150,000 square metres for the production of panels and components with different surface finishes for application in all kinds of furniture and decoration.

Saviola Group

The Saviola Group synergistically integrates several national and international companies focused on three worlds: wood, chemical, and furniture. The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it for years among the top 300 Italian industrial realities and among the leaders in the world in its sectors.

Technical Support