Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions represent a binding agreement between you and the High Technology Foundation for Trade (Eurotech) so we hope to read the following conditions carefully, therefore when you use mobile applications or the website, this means that you agree to these terms and conditions that govern your use of applications or the website, and in the case of not Agreeing to these terms, you must stop using the applications and the website, and the terms “high-tech enterprise for trade” or “Eurotech” or “we” and what they mean refer to the application of the high-tech establishment’s website and application; the owner and operator of the application and website, What website or the website or the application or application refers to the services provided by the high-end enterprise technology trade, while the term “you” refers to the person who loads the application or use it or the party represented by the person acting.
You are allowed to use the High Tech Trading Est application in the following cases:
You can form a binding contract in your jurisdiction.
• Compliance with terms and conditions.
• Provide accurate and complete information when creating the user’s account in the future (when the registration service is available).
• Acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for using the application when logging in to the High Tech Trading Corporation.
• Not to collect any personal information for commercial purposes including full name, address and e-mail.
• Acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for providing your content, including conversations, profile information, links, images, other content, and the like.
• Confirm that you have the necessary licenses, rights, powers, and approvals to use and authorize the Hi-Tech Foundation for Trade using all trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other property rights in all entries to enable their inclusion and use through the application of the Hi-Tech Corporation
• Granting each user of the Hi-Tech Foundation for Trade, whether using the Hi-Tech Foundation application for trade or any application developed by a third party, a non-exclusive license to access your inputs through the Hi-Tech Corporation for Trade and the use, reproduction, distribution and preparation of derivative works from it, And display and implement such requests as permitted by the functions of the application of high-tech enterprise for trade and under these terms of service (in the future).
• Confirm that we have the right to determine whether any of your entries are appropriate and in accordance with our terms of service, remove any or all of them, and terminate your account with or without prior notice.
Your account and profile is a high-tech trade corporation
You will need to register by creating an account with us in order to use the content on the application with the entire services in the future. If you choose to create an account or a personal file in the application of high-tech technology trade, you agree to provide the registration information accurately and completely, and you will update that information if Necessary, access to the application is not authorized by any person or other party to use your registration information and you are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. …
After registering, we will issue you a special account number with your phone number or email address (User ID). As for individuals and entities who access the application or use the services and their accounts were previously suspended by the High Technology Trading Establishment, they are not allowed to register for an account, and you may not Allow any of these people to use your account on your behalf.
The High Technology Foundation for Trade application relies on user IDs to determine if users of the application are allowed to do so, and if someone accesses the application using the user ID that we have issued to you, we will rely on this user ID, and we will assume that it really is you or your representative to use the application , So you are solely responsible for any access to the application or use of the service by anyone who uses your username, so please inform us immediately if you know that your username is used without a license.
Rules for information and other content
When you use the application, you can obtain access to various types of information and materials, which we call “content”.
Although we strive to implement these rules with all of our users, we may be exposed through the application or services to content that violates our policies or on the other hand an attack on the content, so the use of applications and services is at your own risk, and although we are not obligated, only We may terminate the accounts of these users and remove the content from the application if we find or suspect that those accounts or the content violates the terms of this agreement or the applicable agreement with the violating user, without taking any responsibility for the exposure of the content of the application whether it violates our content policies or No.
If you provide comments to us, we may use and disclose such opinions for any purpose, according to these terms of service and privacy policy, you agree that any of these notes and any email we receive, becomes ours, and we may use your notes for marketing purposes or to add or amend Our services without paying you concession fees or any other compensation.
Evacuation responsibilaty
Regarding the description of products and services available to the system from our website, we do not guarantee and are not responsible for the accuracy of any information provided on the site. We take great care to provide products with high precision and do our best to do so. We cannot guarantee the colors shown on different devices with the same accuracy.
Our site may from time to time contain links to other websites, these links are provided for your information only .. We also inform you that we have no control over the contents of these sites and we are not responsible for them

Website and cookies
We reserve the right to change prices, products, offers and any other information at any time without any notice. This site may require the use of cookies to store data to allow you to log in and all items to your shopping cart. These cookies are necessary to operate the website and register your account after we have given your consent to use it. We inform you that we will not disclose this information to a third party. (Please see the privacy policy for more details).
Data protection statement and privacy
We will use the personal information you provide to ensure that your requests and requirements are efficiently met. We will only share your personal information that you have provided to us if required by law. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to allow us to contact you by e-mail if necessary to inform you about our products and everything new. If you do not wish to continue, you can email us.
All site designs, texts, pictures and graphics are of our choice and they have been listed on our website, they are a copyright of a special high-tech enterprise for trade. Permission is granted to copy and print parts of our website for one purpose and that is by taking permission from the Hi-Tech Enterprise for Trade, or using our website as a marketing resource. Any other use, such as amending, distributing, or republishing any part of it without the prior written permission of the High Tech Trading Corporation